I often get asked, what’s your beat? I like to say that, “I cover it all” since I’ve written about urban development, arts and culture, local politics, food, social issues, health and wellness, and more for the Rivard Report.


My work has been featured and highlighted by national news outlets such as DemocracyNOW! and PRI’s The World.

When I can direct my sail, however, I focus on covering U.S.-Mexico relations, immigration issues, and the culinary scene in San Antonio. I have an extensive repertoire of stories, so I decided to share a list of my top stories below:

*Stories in bold are my top picks.


  • Helped produce this film about Yanira, an immigrant woman from Guatemala who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in search of a better life:

Yanira’s Story from Rivard Report on Vimeo.

  • I captured this moment on film for the Rivard Report: Student and DACA holder Josué Romero, 19, was released from ICE custody and reunited with his father, José Francisco Romero. Video on Rivard Report’s Facebook page got more than 35k views and our footage was shared by Fusion. Read full story here.

Local DACA Student Released From ICE Custody Under Deportation Threat from Rivard Report on Vimeo.


Opinion/Latino Issues:

Arts & Culture:

Articles in Spanish:

Work Published Abroad:

La Prensa. Newspaper in Honduras:

*Top image: José Samuel Hernandez, 24, from Honduras recalls as his cousin’s leg is chopped off by “la bestia,” the train that immigrants catch to make their way all through Mexico. “If you don’t run at the same pace as the train, if you go slower or faster than it, once you jump to climb it, your hands will slip from the metal bars and god help you…” Photo by Rocio Guenther.