Academic Work Samples


Below you will find only a few of the many samples of academic work and research I have conducted on various topics. Thanks to my liberal arts education, I have ample knowledge on various topics as you will see below. Click the images to view the complete pdf.


What are the Processes by Which Latino Immigrants Form Party Affiliations copyWhat are the Processes by Which Latino Immigrants Form Party Affiliations? (2013)

Abstract: The main goal of this paper focuses on the hypothesis that in regard to Latino immigrant party affiliation, those who increase their years of residence in the United States, gain control of the English language, and have more political exposure will be more likely to have stronger partisanship (party affiliation) than those who do not.  Strength of partisanship is an important factor that correlates with political participation. Through the use of LNS (Latino National Survey) data, I chose to analyze the effect of increased years of residence on Latino immigrants’ strength of partisanship. In order to do this, I had to perform various cross-tabulation analyses to create graphs highlighting the data that supported my hypothesis.

Amnesty Lit Review copy

Amnesty as a Way Out: Latin America’s Trend in Pursuing Human Rights Violations (2015)

Abstract: Criticism of amnesties has grown exponentially. Much of this criticism has been closely linked to examples from situations in Latin American countries. The culture of impunity that reigns in Latin America makes it harder to create accountable countries and creates a cycle of violence that hinders victims from healing. As scholars have analyzed the consequences of different reconciliation methods in countries recovering from war or human rights violations, opinions and approaches have changed. Amnesties alone have proven to be ineffective at providing peace of mind for countries that need healing after human rights violations, and thus, their use should be questioned. There has been a call for a more holistic approach that combines different mechanisms to achieve justice in countries ravaged by human rights abuses. In Latin America, most amnesties have not been successful ways to deal with conflict. Amnesties, in the domestic sense, have been a buffer to international justice when they are used as a cover-up. The new era of posttransitional justice has begun, where request for trials of past abuses are still alive.


The Effect of Wealth and Income on Educational Attainment  copy.jpg


The Effect of Wealth and Income on Educational Attainment (2013)

Abstract: In the United States, there has been great inequality in society when it comes to educational opportunities. Children of parents with higher wealth and income on average have higher educational attainment than children of parents with lower wealth and income. Socially, this poses the question: Is education a right or a privilege? Inequality is produced as those segments of the population who have lower incomes in their families and less wealth, have lower educational attainment, which then leads to worse job prospects in the long run. This indicates that children of lower-income and lower-wealth families are disadvantaged in labor market competition as adults. These individuals find it harder to climb up the ladder of schooling and tend to have to overcome more challenges in order to succeed, as certain privileges stemming from family background help boost educational attainment, including college completion.


Jewish & Holocaust Literature

Protection & Survival in The Shawl copy

Protection & Survival as a Motive for Selfishness in Cynthia Ozick’s “The Shawl” (2014)

Excerpt: Cynthia Ozick’s harrowing story titled, “The Shawl,” showcases the importance of highlighting a single story in order to show the extensive horror of the Holocaust. Ozick tells the story of three females—a mother Rosa, her fourteen-year-old daughter Stella, and her infant child Magda—who all live in a concentration camp. The piece is titled “The Shawl,” as the garment is used to symbolize warmth, shelter, and hope and it binds them together in the narrative. Through elaborate word choice and lyrical description, Ozick enhances the magical nature of the shawl and places it as a pivotal element of survival. More importantly, Ozick’s careful descriptions of Stella’s feelings toward infant Magda bring to light the dehumanizing consequences the Shoah had on its victims. Furthermore, the importance placed on the shawl creates an expression of the courageous will to survive in the direst of circumstances.


Quantitative Research Methods:

Analyzing Room Interaction Time and Relationship Satisfaction Among College Roomates copy

Analyzing Room Interaction Time and Relationship Satisfaction Among College Roommates (2014)

Abstract: The present study examines whether college roommates that spend less time with one another in the room report more roommate relationship satisfaction than those who spend more time in the room together. This paper will look at the literature discussing roommate relationships and its correlation to other factors in a college setting. It will first discuss the relationship between stress and conflict with college roommates, and will then go deeply into different roommate types researchers have analyzed. Consequently, it will touch upon the topics of conflict and compatibility among roommates, and finally it will look at roommate responsiveness overall.






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