My name is Rocío Guenther. I like to tell stories.


Photo by Josh Huskin

Rocío is a bilingual, bicultural journalist whose reporting work on immigration and U.S.-Mexico relations has appeared on DemocracyNOW!, PRI’s the World, Fusion, Buzzfeed, The Rivard Report, Latino Rebels, and Harvard Law School‘s Fair Punishment Project.

She’s works as a freelance journalist, and as a volunteer Spanish translator for National Geographic‘s Out of Eden Walk, spearheaded by Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Paul Salopek. Salopek is retracing our ancestors’ ancient migration on foot out of Africa and across the globe.

In April 2017, Rocío was invited to be a guest speaker at the renowned International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) for a panel panel titled “Bridging the Border/Creando Puentes en la Frontera.” While there, she and KRTU journalist Joy Diaz spoke about issues facing journalists reporting on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. The event was hosted at the University of Texas in Austin.


Rocío Guenther and Joy Díaz talk about serving and covering the Latino community in the U.S. (Mary Kang/Knight Center)

Rocío currently spends her time between San Antonio, Texas and Guadalajara, Mexico. Full resume/C.V. available upon request.

During my journey thus far, I’ve met a few cool people along the way:



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